POP Kids!

…anxious and worried a lot?

…controlled by phobias and many fears?

…not realising their full potential due to low self-esteem?

…fighting with siblings or friends?

…struggling with communication?

…bullied by others?


…struggling to regulate their emotions?

…coping with loss or bereavement?

…finding it difficult to make friends?

…unsure of themselves?

…feeling rejected by changes in family structures?

…at risk of exclusion?

…a survivor of a traumatic experience either recently or in early childhood?

Using the power of play therapy, many children can overcome their difficulties through their play. Play Therapy can build strength, resilience and self-esteem.

Sadly, the evidence shows that most mental health conditions in adults have been established before the age of 14 years. Left untreated, early signs of mental health difficulties will lead to long-term difficulties. Sadly, children aged 4-7 years old in Aylesbury Vale area are not offered treatment through the NHS CAMHS as Children’s mental health is vastly underfunded.  Only 25% of the children who need it, are able to get the help they need from NHS. To make matters worse, children go on average 10 years between first becoming unwell and getting any help.

Let POP intervene early and prevent mental illness having a significant impact on your children before it’s too late.   Play Therapy is an evidence based approach for treating signs of mental health difficulties for children 4-16 years old. Contact us for a free 15 minutes referral conversation today to discuss getting help for your child today. Click here for more information about Play Therapy.

The families we have helped have been so grateful to have our support in helping to reclaim their child’s childhood.

POP Power of Play Therapy