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and I am the founder of *POP Power of Play Therapy.

I have a heart for children and families who are overlooked and unseen.  I have travelled the world volunteering and supporting many projects, including working with street children in Colombia, with widows and orphans in war-torn Kosovo, to supporting projects with abuse victims in the Philippines.

However, it wasn’t until I worked within the education system in the UK that I realised that there were many overlooked and unseen children here in the UK in my own classroom.  I noticed that very little support was being offered to help them heal from past or ongoing trauma and achieve their potential.  I have worked in schools in Aylesbury for over 15 years. I started my Play Therapy journey with PTUK in 2017 and have loved every minute of this career change and watching the power that play has to heal the children who need it most.

A large part of my journey towards understanding the poverty issues families in the UK were facing, was from leading the Make Lunch project through Aylesbury Vineyard which I established in 2014.  During the school holidays we provided meals for families struggling financially in Aylesbury. I was lucky enough in 2016 to join the national team and train churches across the country during weekends off teaching, travelling as far as Aberdeen.

I came to understand the reality of struggles some families were facing across the country were not just food related but also, a lack of support for mental health and well-being.  This was particularly important for families who had experienced domestic violence to gain freedom over their past and heal. Alongside issues I saw in my classroom, I felt a call to step up and fill this gap in provision.  After researching options, I signed up to train to become a Play Therapist.

The national Make Lunch project is now run by TLG, and in 2018 I enjoyed working part time to provide support to Make Lunch projects across the country and saw the realities for struggling families are widespread.

With POP, I am keen to establish a service which supports families who want to overcome challenges together and also which supports schools who want help to empower their children for success. It is important that the children and young people are given the best support to be released to reach their potential.

As well as serving private clients, in 2020, we have partnered with Aylesbury Vineyard (through a wonderful grant), to provide well-being and mental health support for families living in poverty or on low incomes in Aylesbury.  We have called this POP@VineyardStorehouse. If you would benefit from support through this project, please email [email protected] and have a look at the pdf leaflet, POP Storehouse Flyer, at the activities we are offering.

Our latest update can be read here:

POP@Vineyard Storehouse UPDATE

I am interested in hearing from schools and families in the Aylesbury area about their challenges and needs and how we can work together to bring about the changes that empower the children who are struggling.

Please get in contact if you would like to join me on the journey of developing POP Power of Play Therapy and establishing the very best mental health practices for those who have experienced some of the very worst that life has to offer.  Perhaps you are already keen to train? I’d love to support you! Do get in touch.

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Registered member of PTUK: 201701883

You will find me on the play therapy register accredited by PSA 

*I currently work as a Sole Trader under Miriam Jannetta as I develop the vision of POP into a CIC or Charity.

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