Filial Play Coaching

Filial Play Coaching establishes a partnership between you and the Play Therapist to help strengthen your family relationships.

Filial Play Coaching sessions can range from 30-90 minutes sessions over a period of 16 sessions on average.

First over a few sessions the Play Therapist gets to know you and your family situation through an assessment, observation (with the child) and interview.

Following this, you’ll work together on areas highlighted from the assessment and observation to strengthen the relationship bonds in the family.  You’ll learn strategies to connect, ideas to harness the power of play and establish a special play time with your child. You’ll get to practice this with the Therapist as your coach through a few sessions with your child attending.

Filial Play Coaching is a bespoke parenting service which is specific to the needs of your family.

Filial Play Coaching is very different to Play Therapy as the partnership is between the Play Therapist and the parent.  Play Therapy is between the Play Therapist and the child.

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